(Summer) Painting Workshop: Creating Space as a Composition Element in Contemporary Painting

07/29/2019 01:30 PM - 07/31/2019 04:30 PM ET


Workshop: Creating Space as a Composition Element in Contemporary Painting with Roberta Gross
Dates: Monday-Wednesday, July 29 - 31
​Time: 1:30-4:30PM each day
Location: Art Barn Painting Studio
​Fee: $150 plus $35 materials fee for 3 day workshop

Modern artists employ flat space in which they express themselves but employ a wide range of techniques to make this space an active component of their compositions.  They utilize such means as revealed underpaintings, over lapping shapes, overlapping bold and quiet colors, active and varied line making, glazing large areas with diluted colors or watery whites, focusing attention to the margins of the painting, playing with the sizes, contours and placement of shapes, and using collage and texture. In this workshop, we will explore these techniques, both on papers and stretched canvases.
During the class, you will receive a handout containing the curriculum and extensive examples from modern and contemporary artists to illustrate the wide array of approaches used by artists.
Provided Supplies and Materials Fee: The instructor will supply the materials (acrylic brushes (big and small), heavy and fluid acrylic paints; watercolor and other papers; black and white gessoes; modeling paste; gels; collage materials, texture making tools, papers and smaller canvases) for which there will be a $35 supply fee.
If you need more information about the course, please e-mail the instructor here.