(Fall19) Wood-Fired Kiln Workshop

10/12/2019 - 11/03/2019


Wood-Fired Kiln Workshop with Frank Creney
Dates & Times: 
Saturdays, October 12 & 26:  3:30-5:30PM (two classes)
Friday, November 1:  12-4PM (loading the kiln)
Saturday, November 2:  9AM on (firing the kiln) 
October 12 & 26: Pottery Studio
November 1 & 2: Outdoor Wood-Fired Kiln
$125 for the 4-day workshop. Includes 2 classes, 25 lbs of special wood-firing clay, glazes, bisque firing and up to 5 small-medium sized pieces for the outdoor kiln. (Additional firing fees: 5 addl. pieces for $30, large vessels will be measured and priced accordingly). 

This October, Featherstone will be firing our outdoor wood kiln. This one-of-a-kind hand-built kiln allows us a special opportunity to delve into the chaotic and unpredictable world of atmospheric firings. The ash of the wood used to fuel and heat the kiln naturally creates a glaze-like layer on all surfaces it touches. The wild and ever changing fluidity of the fire itself causes the natural glaze to flash and blush in unique ways.

Saturdays, October 12th & 26th:  3:30-5:30PM 
Students will have two classes in which they will be instructed on the properties of the firing, the specific clay required for the firing, and the best strategies for glazing in an atmospheric firing.

Friday, November 1st: 12-4PM loading the kiln
Saturday, November 2nd: 9AM on 
The process of raising the wood kiln to temperature will take up to 24 hours and plenty of wood, requiring at times near constant tending. Once the temperature has been reached and the fires have gone out, we must wait until the kiln is cool enough to open which will take several days. Pieces will be available later in the week.
We are looking for volunteers all day on Saturday, November 2nd to tend to the kiln.