(Summer20)Visiting Artist Workshop: Painting With Color and Water with Holly Wach

07/30/2020 10:00 AM - 07/31/2020 04:00 PM ET


Visiting Artist Workshop: Painting With Color and Water with Holly Wach
Days: Thursday, Friday
Dates: July 30, 31
Time: 10:00am-4:00pm
Location: Art Barn Painting Studio
​Fee: $300 for the 2 day workshop
$150 for one day

In this two-day workshop, you will spend time observing the endless colors, forms, and shapes found
in birds & botanicals. While discovering the unique qualities of watercolor, you’ll develop sensitivity
and facility to color, tonality and value building.
To learn and strengthen your understanding of color, we will spend time mixing a primary color
palette. We will, collect, observe, and paint the local foliage found on the Featherstone grounds.
There will be demonstrations of new techniques and tools that will awaken your creativity. Your
paintings will feel looser while becoming more realized. By building a relationship with the materials
and the subject, you will capture the colors, movement, and forms of birds & botanicals.
Individual attention and insights will be focused on building your art-making and creative practice.
This class is open to beginning to advanced students.
Day 1: Focus on Color-mixing and Watercolor Techniques
Day 2: Focus on Composition and Finishing touches.
*This class can be taken as a One or 2-Day workshop

Materials List:
○ Paper Towels
○ Mixing tray (enamel or porcelain prefered)
○ Watercolors: Tubes or Cakes
● Alizarin Crimson
● Yellow: Lemon or Cadmium Medium
​● Yellow Ochre
● Red: Scarlet or Cadmium Medium
● Ultramarine Blue
● Cerulean Blue
○ Watercolor Brushes:
● #4 and #10 Round
● 1-2" flat
○ 180lb Watercolor Paper 9x12" or larger: Pad, Sheets or Block
○ Artist Tape
○ 18x24” Drawing Board
○ Pictures of your favorite birds (not required)
○ Please bring 3-6 examples of your work, if available
○ 1 or 2 books or images of your favorite artist